Billie attends Summertime Festival in Hyde Park!
The Telegraph - 4 Star for ‘Great Britain’!

The Telegraph – 4 Star for ‘Great Britain’!

At first, it’s as if Bean – a former stand-up who loves gags clever, coarse or corny – might have been watching too many episodes of TV sketch show Little Britain. Taking us into the offices of a nasty, formerly lefty tabloid called The Free Press, he introduces us to a gallery of vipers, weasels and leeches, caricatures all.

None is more odious than Billie Piper’s convincingly shallow and…

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The Guardian: 4 stars + “Billie Piper does an excellent job!”

The Guardian: 4 stars + “Billie Piper does an excellent job!”

The main point is that his play, a kaleidoscope of short scenes, is blessedly funny. Far and away the most absurd character, played with admirable po-faced sincerity by Aaron Neil, is a dunderhead police commissioner who, faced with an intractable murder inquiry, goes on television and announces “a clue is the one thing I’ve not got” and who allows himself to be publicly Tazered in the interests…

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[PICS] First Look at Billie Piper in ‘Great Britain’!
Sat, 28th June   70
Billie Q&A - 8th July at 4pm (GMT).

Billie Q&A – 8th July at 4pm (GMT).

To celebrate the UK series finale of Penny Dreadful on Tuesday 8th July 2014 you can ask your questions directly to Billie Piper! Post them either on this Facebook page, the event page or tweet them to @BilliePiper using ‪#‎AskBillie‬! The Q&A will be at 4pm (GMT), it’s unknown whether it will be via video or via Twitter. 

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The Upcoming: “Piper brings a sexy, persuasive arrogance to the role!”

The Upcoming: “Piper brings a sexy, persuasive arrogance to the role!”

For legal reasons, Great Britain by Richard Bean (known for his successfulOne Man, Two Guvnors) has
been in secret rehearsals before the verdict of the Rebekah Brooks trial was announced. Crashing The National Theatre’s website after a shock announcement this week, Nicholas Hytner directs this new play based on events associated with the scandal of the phone hacking.

The Free Press’s office,…

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[PICS] Rehearsal & Promotional Images for ‘Great Britain’!
'Penny Dreadful' finale predictions!

‘Penny Dreadful’ finale predictions!

The first prediction is probably the most obvious at this point, so let’s get it out of the way: Brona is going to be Caliban’s mate. At least, that is what Victor and Caliban might suspect.

Played with a general sense of sadness and doomed misery by Billie Piper, Brona Croft is the sort of tragic heroine one might find in dime novels about the Western frontier on the American continent. Except,…

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Billie Piper to play Paige Britain in ‘Great Britain’!

Billie Piper to play Paige Britain in ‘Great Britain’!

Richard Bean’s fast and furious new play is an anarchic satire about the press, the police and the political establishment. Billie Piper plays Paige Britain, ambitious young news editor of The Free Press, a tabloid newspaper locked in a never ending battle for more readers.

30th June – 23rd August. More info HERE, all tickets are on sale tomorrow. You can book first two weeks now!

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